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Print Ready File Checklist


  • Graphics should be at least 300 DPI. If they are less than this, they may appear blurry.


  • All text should be outlined or embedded before you save your file.


  • Convert your document to CMYK mode before saving. If your document is in RGB mode, colors may differ on the final product.
  • We use the ICC GRACOL standard.


  • Leave off all crop marks or other similar markings. We add these as part of the printing process.
  • Make sure text is bigger than 8 pt. Text that is smaller may be unreadable or blurry on your product.

Bleed and Trim

  • Please use our templates to make sure the information on your product appears correctly.
  • Graphics or colors that you want printed to the edges should extend to the edges of the template.
  • All important information should be placed within the safety line. During the cutting process anything outside the safety line may get removed.